William Borden

" No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets."

Before losing my mother in 2007 to cancer, I was given an incredible gift, my mother’s journals spanning 35 years and her beloved Bible. It only took me 15 years and going through a global pandemic - to finally discover the true gift that she left – a blueprint of a Kingdom legacy. This discovery changed the trajectory of my life and my family. In 2023 we went all in with Jesus leaving our jobs and home to attend a YWAM Discipleship Training school. 

During our DTS I felt the tension between missions and filmmaking bubble back up. Was I supposed to walk away from filmmaking and into full time missions? As I wrestled with questions like, “What does missions mean?” “Is art frivolous? “Can you really use art in missions?” I listened to Andy Byrd during one of our lectures sharing the story of Count Zinzendorf, the father of the modern day Moravian missions movement. Andy mentioned the Count saw a painting of Jesus on the cross with an inscription underneath that said, “I have given everything for you. What will you give me?” In that moment, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper, “Art is not frivolous. I use it to change lives.” Seeing the painting was the catalyst that changed the trajectory of Count Zinzendorf’s life and in turn the millions of lives that were touched by his YES!

God redefined my dream of what both AND means for missions and storytelling. I am dedicated to telling stories of hope, training and equipping the next generation of storytellers to know Jesus and make him known through their craft. 

My missional mindset and creative identity has taken many forms over the years, but my goal remains the same to leave a Godly legacy that impacts the next generation of Christian creatives to run their race well.  

I grew up in the South, where porches are sacred and churches are at the heart of every community. My love for Jesus and the desire to live a life “on mission” was shaped by my parents’ faith, missional call into YWAM and their personal commitments to invest in their four children's lives as well as their community by serving as pastors of a multi-cultural, non-denominational church in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

My faith and creativity have been the through-line of my life and career which has put me at the intersection of storytelling, leadership, motherhood, mentorship, and missions. I went on my first mission trip to Kazakhstan at the age of 11 years old. I was marked for missions from that point on. 

I went on to serve with other missions organizations throughout high school and college while studying filmmaking at the University of Chapel Hill. One day, while in the back of a pickup truck in Thailand on my way to help the victims of the Tsunami with my camera gear in toe, I was reminded of a quote from Rick Warren, “Your capabilities match your calling.” It hit me like a lightning bolt. It was never missions or filmmaking, it was both AND 

Armed with a unique perspective and a diverse background, I went on to travel the world with a camera making award-winning documentaries; served in a refugee camp; competed on a reality show - On the Lot- searching for America's next big film director; worked as a creative director for several fortune 500 brands, created mentorship programs and curriculum for female leaders, published articles in Truly Magazine, spoke at conferences like Content Marketing World and STORY - oh, and let’s not forget the most important roles like mom, wife, Bible study leader, missionary, friend, and tea aficionado! 



My entire life changed, but as a Veteran I still struggled with the mental and emotional scars of war. For 10 years my relationship with the Lord grew as I served in our local church, did short-term missions and attended Bible studies but there was something missing. 

After much prayer and the nudging of the Holy Spirit as a family we said, “YES” to Jesus and attended the YWAM Crossroads DTS. While there I went through a program called Restoring the Foundation. It was amazing. I experienced true deliverance and freedom from my pain, past and PTSD.

After I encountered true healing my heart began to burn for other Vets to experience the same freedom. The Lord began to birth a vision inside of me to create a ministry for Veterans that incorporates discipleship training, vocational training, and missions. God has once again pivoted my career and I am currently a full-time YWAM staff working on developing this Veteran ministry, pioneering a new YWAM base in Raleigh, North Carolina and finishing my masters in Christian Ministry from Regent University.


I was born in Baghdad, Iraq and I have always been a lover of languages. My first memories were teaching myself English while watching American movies on television and then repeating the words to anyone who would listen. This initial spark created a passion to master English which led me to become a translator for the US Special Forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Both my career trajectory and my pursuit of Truth have been a winding road since the war. I've worked as soldier in the US Army serving in Afghanistan and as a civilian in IT and then in software developer. My faith journey had similar extremes from Muslim to Atheist to Christian. 

I had a vivid dream. There was a man dressed all in white so brilliant I couldn’t even see his face. He looked down at me and said “I am, I am, I am.” I woke up and I was so confused. This dream haunted me for many months until I finally met Jesus the man in white. 


Dance parties with the kids
Drinking tea
A good book
Live music
Hiking with our dog Zuma
Playing/watching soccer
Dark Chocolate

Our favorite things beside JESUS!

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